Thursday, April 30, 2009

Updates on our Little GUY!

I am not sure if I told you in my last big post, but due to the fact that our sweet little boy was being difficult the ultrasound nurse was unable to check off on his left heart valve. And apparently they can't say he is 100% until they have checked off their list of things to look for. So she scheduled us another ultrasound to check him out again hoping that he would behave a little better. The nurse reassured us that he was fine, that she just couldn't check it off with out seeing it.

So this past Monday was that appointment. We were very excited to see him again. Apparently our little boy can be quite active when you are trying to look at him because the moment she started the ultrasound he wiggled and swished around the whole time and then when he was sitting still he was curled up in the "fetal" position. He is such a STINKER!!! I just love him so much already. Every time I think I couldn't love him more, I find myself opening my heart even more. I guess that is why they said you love your children more than you can ever imagine! I just can't wait for him to be here!!

Anyway back on track. I was hoping to get some better pictures of Will, because our last ultrasound we didn't get the best pictures. Not only did we get MORE ADORABLE pictures of him but we double & tripled confirmed that he is DEFINATELY a B-O-Y! Below are some new pics of our William Michael Whitehurst Jr. Oh and by the way the latest wight stats on our little guy are as of April 27th he is 12oz!!!

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Lauren said...

Awh you put pictures on your post so I would read it! I love the Will!