Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Belly Pictures for Weeks 25-27

Wow! Every week I don’t think I can get any bigger and sure enough I do get bigger. But no worries my OB reassured me that I will not only keep growing forward but I will start to grow wider from side to side. YAY! Wouldn’t that make you feel better??? I am sure by the end of this I will look like Gilbert Grape’s Mama and have to be lifted out of my bed by a crane! No in all seriousness I am just amazed at my body and how God has made it to grow to accommodate all these children. He just amazes me! These past few weeks have been busy ones. We moved into our new house (necessities only) the weekend of June 13. We spent two nights here and then headed up to White Springs for Camp Meeting. To be honest I was really worried about the heat this year, but it really wasn’t that bad.

   The Tuesday of that week we had our first trip to Labor and Delivery. You see on Monday I didn’t really feel Jake move and then all morning on Tuesday I didn’t feel him move either. So I asked another mother of  multiples what I should do and so I followed her tips and unfortunately I still didn’t feel him move. So I decided to give my Dr.’s office a call. Of course they said to head to L & D. I don’t know what it is this pregnancy but the thought of heading to L & D makes me literally sick to my stomach. I guess I am just afraid that they will sentence me to hospital bed rest or worse say the babies have to come early. Anyway I headed to Shands William met me there. To put it bluntly I had held it together quite well all the way to the hospital and even till I got to my little curtained room but as soon as the sweet nurse asked me to take a seat onto the bed I completely lost it!!! Once William calmed me down I got an up close experience to how many machines and other things I will be hooked up to when the time comes to be at the hospital. After about what felt like an ETERNITY they found Jake’s heartbeat after several attempts and failures. Apparently he wanted to scoot down by his brother Drake so every time I thought Drake was moving it was Jake as well. All in all we were happy to be sent home from the hospital.

   That Friday I had a Dr. appointment. My Dr. said I was doing wonderfully. I went over some questions I had like when should I expect to see things fall apart and she they may not that I may make it to 38 weeks….t WOOOO HOOO!!! But if things were to go south they will try to get me to 34 weeks. She did remind me that I have been placed on “moderate activity bed rest” which I try to follow. I would say overall we got GREAT news!

This week Willie has gotten another virus =( and so that has put a kink in packing up the other house. But I have been blessed to have a wonderful mother, mother in law, and best friend who have been helping me any way they can.

Here are the last few weeks of belly pictures. If you want to see where it started click here and here.

Week 25- 40 3/4 inches around


26 weeks- 42 inches around


27 weeks 42 inches around ( I guess the belly wanted to take a rest maybe I will start growing outwards sooner than I thought)


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Belly Pictures for Weeks 22-24

   Hey there everybody! As promised here are the latest belly pictures. I think it is starting to growing twice as fast!!! I no longer have a belly button. William seems to think it is hilarious to push it like it is some form of doorbell to the triplets! Hahahaha can’t you hear my laughter! So far I have minimal pain even though I am sure there will be plenty to come as the weeks pass.

   I can’t believe I am 6 months pregnant already!! They will be here before we know it! It has been fun to watch my belly contour into different shapes as each of my sweet boys gets comfortable.  None of them have moved spaces too much though they like their little corners of my belly. I swear Drake is going to be quite a kicker (football / soccer) He really enjoys practicing on my bladder. His favorite time to practice is middle of the night! I guess that would be my only complaint lately is that I have been struggling with sleep. It seems like as soon as I get comfortable they decide to have a party!

Just as a reminder this is where I started from: The beginning of the belly

This is where I am at now…

22 weeks: 39 1/4” around


23 weeks: 39 3/4” around



24 weeks: 40” around



    I only have 22 inches to go till I am just as big around as I am tall. Considering that I at best have 11 weeks left and I am growing roughly at 1/4” to 1/2” a week I am sure I will prove my hypothesis correct. I guess pray for my poor belly and skin! =(

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

21 Week Baby Update

   Hello Blog world!! I know it has been a few weeks things have been crazy! We have been working day and night on our house wait till you see the updated pics that I will be posting this week! Right now I want to update you on how the triplets are doing! I wanted to get these ultrasound pics up before I go and have another ultrasound next week. Anyway…

   I am proud to announce that we have FINALLY named Baby 2. Here are all 3 names :

Baby 1: Drake Robert Whitehurst

Baby 2: Jacob  (“Jake”) Jackson Whitehurst

Baby 3: Ross Charles Whitehurst

Here are their stats & pics from the 21 week ultrasound.

Drake (baby 1)- 13 oz.Baby 1 -21 week stats0004

Jake (baby 2)- 14 oz.

Baby 1 -21 week stats0014

Ross (baby 3)-14 oz.

Baby 1 -21 week stats0006

  It appears to me that Jake and Ross are stealing all the food! Poor Drake only gets their left overs. But in all seriousness they are all growing roughly at the same rate.

  Also I would like to note that YES I DID ask the ultrasound tech to double check to make sure that there wasn’t a little girl hiding in there. Unfortunately there isn’t but she reassured me that she will check every time we have an ultrasound. =) I am actually getting excited about having four boys; they are going to be so much fun!

  Anyway like I said I have another ultrasound next week so I will post those quicker since it almost took me a month to post these! I will also post weeks 22-24 belly pictures before the end of the week. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!