Thursday, March 17, 2011

So I have some long awaited N-E-W-S!

  I know it appears as though I have fallen off not only the blog bandwagon but more like the blog PLANET! But I have good reasons for taking a break from blogging. Since just after Willie’s 1st

birthday William & I decided to start trying for baby #2. Well we made it ALL the way to an IUI that first cycle but no baby?! After that cycle it was month after month of cancelled cycles due to cysts and overstimulation. As you can imagine it was awful, I felt as though I was never going to be able to give Willie a little brother or sister.

   Then the day after Christmas our Dr. gave us the green light to trigger. He said we had two decent sized eggs and a lot of little tiny eggs, but I was always going to have all those tiny eggs. So as long as William and I wanted to go ahead we could continue the cycle, and well we felt as though it was all in God’s hands so we said we were going through with the cycle. After we left the Dr.’s office we headed for a quick breakfast before church. While we were ordering it started to snow; that is correct you read right I said it started to SNOW… in FLORIDA. It was amazing! From that moment on we knew this cycle was going to be different.

    We headed back to the Dr.’s office that following Tuesday for our IUI. Unfortunately after sitting there for about two hours we were sent home because there were some problems with our sample. So our nurse and Dr. told us to head home and give it our best shot on our own. Knowing the cards were stacked against us we went home discouraged.

    Well I am very excited to tell everyone that on January 11th ,2011 after numerous positive tests we are pregnant! I went in that morning to take a blood tests and my numbers were in the 300’s. The nurse told me to come in on that coming Thursday for another blood test to make sure the pregnancy was progressing. And it was my numbers almost tripled.

   It wasn’t until we were 6 weeks along that we got to have an ultrasound and see our doctor. As you can imagine we were very excited! We brought Willie along all decked out in his BIG Brother t-shirt. As the Dr. was doing the ultrasound the doctor looked and looked and then finally said…, “How about TRIPLETS!” And I responded “What?!” and William immediately sat down and he said the room got really warm. Later on William told me he thought he saw three sacks but he thought he was looking at it wrong. HA! This is what we saw…

Baby 1

Baby 1 @ 6.5 weeksBaby 2 @ 6.5 weeksBaby 2








Baby 3

baby 3 @ 6.5 weeks 


  Since then we have had to start seeing a high risk OB and met him on Feb. 4. And we have had a couple more ultrasounds. We had one at 9.5 weeks here are the pics from that ultrasound.

Baby 1 @ 9.5 Weeks

Baby 1 @ 9.5 weeksBaby 2 @ 9.5 weeksBaby 2 @ 9.5 Weeks









Baby 3 @ 9.5 Weeks

Baby 3 @ 9.5 weeksGroup shot @ 9.5 weeksGroup Shots @ 9.5 Weeks

triplets @ 9.5 weeks

The babies are now 13 weeks along and we had our 3rd ultrasound today! Here are their latest shots…

Baby 1 @ 13 weeks

Baby 1 @ 13 weeks (profile shot)Baby 2 @ 13 weeks (profile)Baby 2 @ 13 weeks







Baby 3 @ 13 weeksBaby 3 @ 13 weeks (profile)      Group Shot @ 13 weeks

Group Shot @ 13 weeks








   As you can imagine we are VERY overwhelmed but at the same time VERY excited! I don’t who is more excited about babies William and I or Willie. He has been pointing to my belly and saying babies for weeks now. And he has a new obsession with ALL babies! It is so sweet! I know he will be a sweet and loving big brother to all three of his new baby siblings.

   We know that God would not give us something that we could not handle. And as you probably know this pregnancy is going to be QUITE a journey for  our family. Our due date is September 20,2011 but we will be blessed if they cook until August 30, which is 37 weeks. Our Dr. told us that most triplet deliver somewhere between 30 and 33 weeks. I am holding out for 37 weeks! My pregnancy is in our constant prayers. I believe the Lord blessed us with these three miracles and he will guide us in the best way to care for them.

    Over all I have been battling morning or shall I say ALL DAY sickness since about 6 weeks. I am hoping it will taper off soon. This pregnancy already has been completely different than my first with Willie! The hardest part is chasing after  my WILD 18 month old that NEVER gets tired! Either way when the other three arrive we  will have 4 children under 2! I am going to lose my MIND!!!!

   We have a lot of BIG changes coming up because we are buying a new house and need to buy a new car because our new BIG family won’t fit in our current car. So stay posted on our upcoming events with our family!

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