Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What do an ELEPHANT and I have in common!!!



  Well we both have ridiculously LONG pregnancies or at least my size makes me appear that I am pregnant for a long time.

A little background…. I originally thought that elephants were pregnant for 52 weeks but after some research I have found that they are pregnant for MUCH LONGER!! They are pregnant for 24 months which breaks down to 96 weeks!! I don’t know about you other ladies out there but I WOULDN’T want to trade pregnancies with an elephant.

   Anyway back to the point… I am sure with seeing my belly pictures you can see that I am as BIG as a house! Little did I know that I have surpassed the size of a “normal” pregnancy which stops at 40 weeks. I was measured this past Friday and I am measuring 46 weeks! All I can do is laugh and thank the Lord for blessing me with being pregnant this long! Because most triplet pregnancies are over by now. And I have been very blessed with minimal issues and trips to the hospital triage.

   Speaking of TRIAGE… We seem to visit about every 3 weeks and this past Monday was about 3 weeks. This is what happened…..

    All day I had quite a few braxton hicks. Then around 6:50 I started having pain along with the braxton hicks around 7:50 I started tracking them on a contraction counter and called my wonderful friend who is an RN. We continued to watch them and decided to head to the hospital at 9. Long story short I am very  very minimally dilated. The wonderful Dr. decided to go ahead and administer the shot to help develop the babies lungs along with some blood work and did a test to see if the babies will be coming in the next 2 weeks. The test came back negative which is good (woo hoo)! She also prescribed a medicine to help take the edge off from the contractions it will not stop them but certainly make them a little easier to endure. I took some that night and haven’t had to take any since them the contractions have stopped all together which is absolutely wonderful!! God is so Good!

   When we went back to the hospital yesterday to get the 2nd dose of the shot I spoke with the Dr. and she said that sometimes it can have good effects and stop it ALL together! So I guess so far that is what it has done! Smile Thank You Lord!  So the plan is still on for us to make it until August 23rd (36 weeks). Less than 3 weeks to go!

  On another note I had a BPP ultrasound on Friday which I will be having every Friday until we deliver and the boys scored perfectly! They all almost 4 pounds each! Ross is exactly 4 pounds, Drake, & Jake are 3.11 and 3.12. So only a few ounces behind Ross. We are praying for each baby to be 5 pounds each, I guess we will just have to wait and see! 

I hope everyone is doing well!