Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Camp Meeting 2010 (Way More than a WORDLESS...The Worlds LONGEST POST!!)

Warning I definitely went overboard on pictures for this post!
Hello blog world! As usual it has been quite a while since I have posted, apparently from what my friends say they don't even expect me to post anymore. Well that is all going to change, this time I promise! BIG changes have been happening around here, Willie turned 9 months at the beginning of this month and I just became a stay at home mom (that is a whole post in itself)!

Last week was a BIG week for us, we went to Camp Meeting! Every year we head up to White Springs, FL to Suwanee Holiness Camp for the week of Father's Day! Almost all of William's family goes! It always is so much FUN! It is just a wonderful REVIVAL! And this year William and I both were revived and renewed spiritually! I just can't put into words how amazing camp was this year! You could truly feel God's presence on the grounds and in every service.
If you have never been to a church camp you are probably wondering what on Earth I am talking about. The camp grounds have a huge Old Time Tabernacle (pictured below) that we hold church in twice a day. It also has wings of rooms that look kind of like a motel, and a cafeteria. A typical day starts with breakfast in the cafeteria then service at 10:30 lunch in the cafeteria at 12:00, lots of free time until dinner at 5:00 and evening service at 7:30. After evening service we head back to the cafeteria for snacks from the Snack Shop and time for fellowship.
William's mother's side of the family has been coming to camp forever and I plan on making sure that my tiny little family continues the tradition. People from all over the country come every year. I would definitely recommend checking it out one year. The link for the camp is suwanneecamp.org.

On June 12th we headed to Camp Meeting all loaded down with stuff! We were sure that people driving on I-75 as we headed there thought we were part of the Beverly Hillbillies (Florida Version)!

I don't think we could have fit one more thing!

This was William's FIRST Father's Day!

William is definitely an AMAZING father!

Below are just random pics from the week were at CAMP....

Willie Playing on the pews in the Tabernacle.

I don't know what got into him, but he definitely takes after his daddy!

Willie got this car for Christmas from his Nana & Papa, and he loves it so we brought it with us. When Michael saw it he really wanted a ride with Willie!
Golf Cart, walking, or biking are the modes of transportation around camp we usually pack on as many as we can so we don't have to walk!
It is tradition that your first time to camp you have to get a Walk Away Sunday! It is a square massive chunk of ice cream on a double cone. This was Willie's 1st time to camp so after an evening service he was given one. We all thought it would be cute to give him one to hold for pictures and he could taste it. Well little did we know that he was going to act as though he has been enjoying ice cream for years and was a professional ice cream eater. And he wasn't too happy with us when we said he had enough and took it away from him.

Down the road from camp there is this old church (see pics below) that we head down to every year and eat watermelon behind. Willie really enjoyed his piece.

This was just an AMAZING picture of my niece Madelyn! She is just too adorable!

Willie Hanging out with his Nandy & Granmama

Every year on Saturday before the last service on Sunday the Snack Shop auctions off all food they have not sold.
Here is Willie getting his money to go get some yummy treats!

He decided to get some cookies and Cheetos so he can snack on them in about 4 months when he can eat them!
Here they are the big spenders with all that they bought!

Camp collects the offering in these retro Kentucky Fried Chicken buckets!

This year William and I decided that we were going to redo our room so here are some before and afters.


We can't wait until Fall retreat to head back to Camp Meeting!