Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!

There are NO WORDS for the dancing on the video below!! Unfortunately the lighting was bad and it won't let me rotate it so just turn your head.

Monday, April 26, 2010

A BUSY BUSY Saturday!!!

Last Wednesday my S-I-L Sarah, her husband, and two girls welcomed a healthy handsome baby boy into the world. William and I decided that we would head down to see her this past Saturday. Since it takes 4 hours to drive down to see her we asked William's daddy fly us down 1hour and 20 minutes is WAY better than 4 hours.

Here are some pics from our flying adventure!

The pilot and co-pilot

Getting ready to go...

Me trying NOT to look nervous.

The beautiful view out my window...

Pilot and co-pilot talking to people on the radio roger, 10-4, copy that....

The top of a cloud !!!!


The plane

I would be concerned if people did not fly friendly. I am sure air rage is WAY WORSE than road rage!
Landing back home.

Once we got out of the plane we headed to get Willie and get dressed for his cousin's wedding we knew would be late but still wanted to go. Below are some pictures from the festivities!
Mama & her boy!
Willie's #1 Nurse & May May
This little girl was fascinated with Willie, she kept saying, "baby". I figured it would be a cute pic if they danced!
Our Little Family
Bustin'-A- Move!
I know the video is dark but it is of Willie and his Nandy dancing. I thought it was TOO CUTE! Of course the video won't rotate so you will have to turn your head.

When we FINALLY got home we were all VERY exhausted! But ALL the FUN and EXCITEMENT was worth it! Congrats Sarah & Richard on Thomas and Congrats to Mary & B.J. on getting married!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter, Spring, & Everything in Between!

Easter Morning Willie was greeted by some wonderful things in his Easter Basket. He Got a new Swing, puffs , sippy cups, a baby tooth brush (for his new tooth coming in), juice, an Easter book, rubber ducks, and a praise baby DVD. Despite how excited William and I were Willie was for some reason very cranky ALL day due to the fact that he would NOT take a nap ALL DAY! So you can only imagine, how hard it was to take pictures of an over tired 6 almost 7 month old!

This month on the cover of Southern Living there was the most beautiful cake. I decided I would make it for Easter Lunch. As I read the ingredients I wondered if it would taste as good as it looked but decided that I still wanted to make purely because of how pretty it was. Below is a picture of my baking creation, I have to say it looked pretty after it was all done. BUT I am sad to say that I thought it tasted AWFUL! But some of my family thought it tasted delicious, it was just too tart for my taste buds.

After lunch at William's Mom & Dad's we headed outside to take some pictures in front of the Azaleas like we do every year.

About week before Easter we went to see the Easter Bunny at the mall. When we sat him down in Mr. Bunny's lap Willie looked up at him like, "Who are you, and why are you holding me." But he didn't cry so we were very happy and the picture came out pretty good.

Back in March William & I decided to fix up our front planters with some flowers for Spring. Below are some pictures from Willie helping mommy and daddy.Sometimes he helped a little too much. As I was taking the first picture he picked a flower off the plant and proceeded to try to eat it. Now a days with him if it is within reach he will grab it and try to CHEW on it! Very cute but at times somewhat frustrating.

I don't know if you remember but back in March the Whitehurst Family had a family Easter Egg Hunt. Well below are some pictures of the festivities. I know better late than never, but it does go with my theme of Easter and Spring.

The Hunt was set up into centers that the kids depending on their age rotated through. There was a petting zoo, a cute photo spot, and Easter egg hunt. The picture below is from the photo spot I think it turned out too cute. I could just eat him up in that driving hat! (I was really worried that he was going to fall off that chair. What you don't see in the picture is William standing very close by ready to grab him if he started to fall)

After we finished at the photo booth we headed to the swing set where Willie rode in a swing for the first time. As you can see he loved it . This was the inspiration to get him a swing for Easter.

They set up a little inflatable pool with Easter grass and bunches of eggs for the babies to hunt. Willie had too much fun sitting in there. His favorite part was the grass, of course we had to keep him from trying to eat it.

All in all I would say that we had a great start to Spring! William and I are so GLAD that the warm weather is finally here to stay. We were so sick of being cold! We HATE being COLD!!!! Our first Easter with Willie was great! Definitely one that I will remember forever! I can't believe that Easter is over and Willie is already 7 months old. I feel like these past 7 months have flown by. Someone said to me the other day that your life doesn't really start until you have children. I would have to say that William and I had an amazing life before Willie, but having him has made my life better and fuller in so many ways. I love him so much and thank God everyday for blessing us with him. Everyday brings something new and exciting and I look forward to the future that God has planned for my family and I. I leave you with a picture of all of us at the Easter egg hunt. Yes, we are matching, I love to coordinate outfits! Yes I know I am cheesy, but hey I waited so long to be able to do cheesy things like that. =)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Willie got a package!!!

Monday afternoon something exciting happened. Our post man came into the drive and beeped his horn for us to come out. He handed us a package addressed to Willie! Of course I couldn't hold back Willie's excitement we ran back in the house to open it. The package was from his Uncle Jackson and Aunt Trish who live in Idaho.

When I set Willie down to go get a pair of scissors to open the box he decided he would try to open it on his own. Without luck I opened it for him.

Inside was who else but Willie's favorite Disney character, Donald Duck, dressed as a bunny for Easter. Willie pulled him out of the box by his ears!

Seeing the card we opened it up and Willie read it immediately and then tried to see what it tasted like.

I soon found out that as cool and entertaining Donald was the box he came in was just as fun. Willie loved sitting in it pulling it at the sides. Too Cute!!

Once I got him out of the box I turned Donald on and we played with him.

Thank You so much for sending us Donald Uncle Jackson & Aunt Trish! We love you!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010