Monday, March 23, 2009

BUSY BUSY BUSY Little Eggie!

I want to start this post by Giving a Shout out to our blog buddies Alex & Jill they are pregnant and we are so HAPPY for them!!!!

Yes I know I have fallen off the blog bandwagon! It is just so hard to work and blog. I know I will get better at this. Anyway today we had our 4th month check up! Yay only 5 months to go before Eggie is here. And only 3 weeks until we know if Eggie is a girl or boy! We just can't wait!!! Well, today will had a lot going on at work so he couldn't come to the appointment so my mom and grandma came to the appointment with me.

When my Dr. came in the room she asked if I had any questions of course I had ooodles of questions because I am the most naive pregnant woman on the planet! Well once the Q & A session was over it was time for my favorite part of the appointment ... to hear our sweet Eggie's heartbeat! When she located the heart beat we got to hear it for a second and then we heard swish swish swish and then nothing . She then had to move "the hearing thingingy" (Yes that is a technical term) to hear the heart beat we heard it for a second and then the swish swish noise again. She finally said this baby is so active it won't sit still long enough to hear it's heart beat! I of course made me laugh and say great Eggie will be just like William! Bottom line it was great I love Dr. appointment days they are my faves!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Last Night's EVIL Bachelor!!!!

Well I'm 2 for 2 so I am so proud of my self! =) But anyway I had planned on discussing in today's post about why I had to post on the elliptical but UNFORTUNATELY some SERIOUS tv drama went down last night on ABC's The Bachelor". So wait let me back up.....

If you have never watched the show what happens is there is this one guy and 25 girls on the first episode . And every episode he gets rid of some girls until he is down to the last 2. And over the 6 weeks you watch this guy go on dates and interact with all these women. The whole idea is he is supposed to find his wife. Now I know this is the most ridiculous way ever to find a life partner! But anyway....

So the Bachelor is not really one of my regular shows but I watched the last bachelorette so I was curious about who this guy (who was the runner up in the Bachelorette) was going to end up with. Well a a friend of mine, who is a valid source of information, and I were talking Monday during lunch about the show and she shared some gossip that she found out. She basically said that what was going to happen on the show Monday night was the following:

-apparently Jason (the bachelor) signed some kind of contract that ABC could choose some of the outcomes of the show. And well he told them that he wanted to pick Molly and ABC said that is fine but what you will do is pick Melissa and on the "after the final rose show" you will break it off with Melissa and get together with Molly.

When she told me this of course I was in complete SHOCK ( I know I know it is JUST a stupid show!!!) but anyway I was like are you shore that this is true because I don't think that he would do that (me talking like I know the guy and all) .

So I decided right then and there I would watch it to test the validity of it all so I did just that. As the season finale wrapped and I watched Jason tell Molly goodbye I could tell something was up!! But I kept watching. Then I watched the first segment of the "after the final rose episode" And when Jason said all the bull that things were different and they were just not a good match and blah blah blah. I got mad and shut the tv off.

I am just so ENRAGED!!! How could ABC ruin someone's life like that!! I just can't believe it! And I know if you go on a show like that you kind of deserve it. BUT THE THINGS PEOPLE FOR DRAMA!!!! Like there is not enough drama in the world today!!! Well there is my soap box! I promise I will be off of it by tomm. I hope all you have a wonderful evening!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Eggie is REALLY coming!!!

Yes I know if there was an award for worst blogger I would get it, that is for hardly ever posting. But as I promise every post I will do better. I learned today that I can type on my computer and be on my elliptical machine at the same time. So the plan is to post everyday while I am on my elliptical, but we'll see!

Well your probably wondering how silly is she to just NOW realize that this baby is REALLY coming! So I am going to explain. You see this past Tuesday we had our monthly Dr. visit each time thus far it has been something EXCITING! This visit we got to hear Eggie's heartbeat! So EXCITING!!! Well up until that point when I heard it's sweet heart beat I have been afraid that this was all a dream and Eggie was going to disappear back into my body. So I guess you could say that it wasn't completely a reality. But that all changed when I heard the heart beat, I just started to feel so much better!

Oh and as an update the Dr. said that it's probably beating at about 160 bpm, she was just guessing though she didn't actually count. And according to some old wives tale a faster heartbeat means it is a GIRL. But I have heard different things from different people. So if you have any insight into this old wives tale I would love to hear it!

And so until tomorrow I wish you all a wonderful evening (hmmm don't I sound like an anchor person from the afternoon news "cheesy" =P )