Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Tricks!

I have to say I LOVE all the BIG changes going on around here! I just wish I was around more to catch them ALL when they happen for the first time. It seems like everyday Willie is doing something new! It is so EXCITING!!! Among our new tricks since January we can roll over from our tummy. We can put our toes in our mouth. We can spit using our toungue in between our lips and make a noise (so technically not spitting THANK GOODNESS). We can move our hand back and forth over our mouth to make fun noises. As you can image our once somewhat quiet house has gotten louder or as I like to say a little more LIVELY! All the fun tricks I have listed above I have tried to get on camera but since our little star refuses to perform on command I have been unable to capture them yet, but as soon as I do I will post.

Below are some little tricks I have been able to capture.

With just a tiny bit of help from mommy or daddy. Willie can sit up on his own. Most definately in his boppy.

Since January Willie has come to really enjoy his JUMPER. It is definately something to watch as he jumps and squeals in delight!!


During the last week in February William and I decided to introduce rice cereal to our little guy. Since then we had to change to oatmeal but here are some pictures from the very first experience with SOLIDS!

Before we actually started we first practiced just sitting in our big boy high chair to make sure that it wasn't going to be too traumatizing to sit in it while we ate big boy food for the first time.
When the BIG DAY arrived to sit in our high chair and actually eat food he was READY. William and I had no idea how ready. After each bite he reached out for the spoon. One time I gave it to him carefully watching to make sure he didn't choke himself. All he did was chew on the spoon. He was tooo CUTE throughout the entire process!

When we were all done with eating our food in the bowl Willie was NOT happy (as you can see from above) he wanted MORE of this scrumptious stuff that we had been keeping him from. So we fixed him up some more and the end result is too your left a full little man. I could just squeeze those cheeks!!!
Since then Willie has mastered rice and moved on to oatmeal. And then this week we introduced PEAS. And let me tell you THOSE DID NOT GO OVER WELL!!! After the second bite he acted as though he was choking and then threw up what he had ate. So needless to say we are holding off on reintroducing peas til later. The next night since he didn't actually eat the peas we tried carrots and they went over MUCH better. So we can check off carrots as AOK in Willie's food book.
Well today is our families Easter Egg hunt so we will be heading to that soon, but I will post as soon as I can with those pictures I know he is going to be too CUTE with his dinosaur easter basket!