Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Today is National Prematurity Awareness Day! This day is very important and it is probably overlooked by many, myself included. I believe that it goes overlooked because the tiny little sweet babies it is for cannot force people to recognize them. I wouldn't have known about this special day if it weren't for a fellow blogger reminding everyone. It was through her families blog that I heard a real story of premature babies and how much they go through. It is because of people like her and organizations like March of Dimes that this day is recognized! As my fellow blogger so eloqently stated, "Chances are you or someone you know has been affected by premature birth in one way or another." http://mcnultyquads.blogspot.com/ And that is so true!

As I said before I read her story and learned how very much premature babies go through in just the beginning of their lives. And then I saw first hand how very tiny they are and how wonderful the people are that help them and the results of all the wonderful things that the March of Dimes has done and is doing.

As you all know my son was NOT in any way premature, he was born 1 day before his due date! But we did spend about 3 days in the NICU. I felt like my baby was ginormous compared to the tiny little ones in there. But size not being important he needed help just like them, and because of the wonderful doctors and nurses he was able to get the help he needed. It was truly amazing how much these sweet babies have to go through and fight for in the wee beginnings of their lives.

Besides medical support these special people provide emotional support that parents need in such stressful time. Because I know first hand how heart breaking it is to see your baby attached to monitors. Most of the time many of the parents are not prepared to have a premature baby, but because of these wonderful people and the March of Dimes these parents and babies are given the support they need. So I would like to say Thank You to all of you who help these sweet babies, and I am not just talking about nurses and doctors, but the people that are a part of the March of Dimes and the people who support the March of Dimes. Thank You it is because of you that these sweet babies don't have to fight as hard for thier lives and that there will hopefully be less premature births in the future!

I know from my experience all I wanted to do was fight for my son and take his place, but I couldn't. But I have found another way; I decided while he was in the NICU that I was going to help and support the March of Dimes as much as I could. And I encourage everyone to try and help it only takes a little bit to make a difference. I know that a little bit doesn't sound like much but, just think how much we could help if everyone just helped a little bit. You can visit http://marchofdimes.com/prematurity/index.asp to find out how to help.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


This monday was a BIG day for us, it was SHOT DAY! Willie got his first shot at around 4:30 and as aweful as I thought it was going to be it wasn't. And if you are familiar with a normal 2 month old's shot schedule you would know that he should have gotten more than one. But William and I thought and prayed about what would be the best thing for our baby and we decided that would go with an expanded shot schedule, where Willie gets one shot at a time. We had several reasons for this decision and those are besides the point. The major part of this whole event was that William and I were having to make one of the first major parental decision of our lives. And let me tell you it was so hard for us it is still hard because we still don't know the true ramifications of our decision, hopefully everything will turn out fine. You see I am sure that you all have heard there are theoretically connections between autism and immunizations. But we thought that it was more important to prevent serious illness than worry that he may get autism. We pray that we made the right decision, and I have faith that things will be a ok.

Here is a picture of our little guy's boo boo=(

This is pretty much what he looked like on the way from the Dr.'s office. Believe it or not he really didn't cry too much despite the photo below.

But once we got him to calm down he was MUCH happier as you can see!

He is just too CUTE! I could just eat him up!

We finished the day with a bath that night and snuggled up in his pj's and oh so cute puppy dog slippers.

All in all we survived the drama of the first shots. Hopefully all the rest will go just as well, we will just have to wait and see. Below I attached a little video from tonight of Willie, I am just so amazed at how much he has changed and grown in the last two months. I can't believe how he can hold his head up so well, smile, and coo so sweetly! I just love him SOOOO MUCH!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Willie's Room!

I realized the other day that I have NEVER posted pictures of Willie's room. The theme stems from William's passion for Duck Hunting. So everything in his room has something to do with duck hunting, and ducks unlimited.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Yes this picture is quite odd if I say so myself. You see I was sitting at the cheesecake factory with some friends and my glass , this glass was at the end of the table. This picture represents how VERY much my life has changed in the last 8 weeks. I am now THAT person defrosting her breast milk at the table at a restaurant!!! NEVER did I understand more than at that moment in the restaurant that my life is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! Well have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Willie is 8 Weeks old Today!


Willie has been VERY busy these past 4 weeks growing and changing. He now weighs 10lbs!!! I can't even believe it!! Willie will be 8 weeks old today and has learned lots of new tricks! He can hold his head up pretty good on his own, he can grab things a little, and our FAVORITE new trick he can do is SMILE!! He just looks too CUTE doing it! I can't believe how much he has grown I remember it was just yesterday when he was born! I am trying so hard to document everything so I can remember all he does! I love being able to be home and not miss a minute of him growing and changing! Being a Mama is GREAT I never could imagine how wonderful it is!

I am trying to upload a video for the first time so bear with me if it doesn't work. Yesterday while I was playing with Willie I had that maniac song stuck in my head. And Earlier that day my weekly baby development email said that I should be moving his legs and arms. So putting 2 and 2 together I hit up itunes and played the song and played with Willie. Unfortunately I don't have enough hands to record and play with him, so I had to wait until William got home. And unfortunately Willie does NOT perform. So I couldn't record what I saw earlier but I still thought he looked cute. So below is what resulted.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Changes and Trick or Treating!

Well we started the Halloween Season by going to our church's Fall Festival Our little man is a Lobster this year and and he is too CUTE in my opinion!

Next we went trick or treating with our cousin and friend Annabelle! We didn't trick or treat on Halloween night because William and I were going to Jacksonville for the Worlds Largest Tailgate Party! So we drove to various family member's houses.

As I said above Wille was a Lobster and a CUTE one at that! Here he is posing in his Gandmama's stew pot!

We started our Trick or Treating adventure at Willie's Grandmama and Nady's house! We then headed to our cousin's houses and ended at Willie's Nana and Popa's house.

Here are the OH SO PROUD grandparents lovin on their favorite little lobster.

Willie loved his trick or treat basket that his nana gave him, he had a tight grip on the handle as to make sure that he wouldn't forget it at their house.

Below is just a little picture of Willie infront of our Fall decor on the porch!

Although Willie will probably not remember his first Halloween, we will and I know that he had an awesome time!