Monday, July 20, 2009

Excuse me can you repeat that!.....

Unfortunately I am still dealing with my computer crisis, I wish there was a way that I could motivate William a little more to fix the issue. But I am trying to be patient both with the tech issue and my sweet sweet hubby.

But anyway, I wasn't able to blog last week because I was at my family's river house all week, and despite how much fun it is there is no Internet so I was unable to update you guys on what happened the Friday before last at the Dr.'s office.

The appointment started as usual i.e weigh in, blood pressure, questions, concerns, etc. Then my Dr. pulled out the magic measuring tape again. She measured me for the first time two weeks prior, she really didn't say much about nor explain what it did, and I really didn't ask. This time she measured and said "35 inches" so then I proceeded to ask well what does that mean? That is when she dropped the bomb she said that I was measuring 35 weeks (note that at the time I was only 31 weeks) I then asked her well what does that mean. And she replied, "That he is a really BIG BABY" she proceeded to tell me that since last appointment that she has been thinking about INDUCTION (insert the music of dun dun dun). And I said ok well when would you be inducing me, or rather how early would you be inducing me. I was concerned that they would take him too early. She said no no, we don't induce earlier than 39 weeks. So that made me feel a little better. But knowing that I am such a tiny person and he is such a big baby I asked what were the chances of having a c-section, she said it all depended on how things went during my delivery, I would just have to wait and see how I was progressing, she said that she would not let me labor for too long with out progressing. Which was terrifying and reassuring at the same time. I left the Dr.'s office over flowing with so many different emotions. I was so excited that he was doing well and that he would be here soon, but at the same time I was nervous about the unknown.

My Dr. did say that she would be doing one additional ultrasound to get a better idea of how big he really is, but that wouldn't happen until we got closer. So I am excited that I will get to see him one more time before I see him in person. I guess the only other thing that has been eating me up is that I really don't want to pick his birthday, I want him to come when he wants to come. You see I take birthday's really seriously, I think they are so special so I want his special day to come when God wants it to come, but at the same time I want things to go well. So I guess I really don't know anything other than the fact that I need to let things go and put it all in God's hands. Well to sum up this picture less blog post I will say that there will be more updates to come this Friday when I go back in to see the Dr. so I am sure there will be LOTS to share about our growing boy!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Computer Crisis!!! GRRRR

Well as you can see I have fallen off the blog bandwagon AGAIN!!! Except this time it is not my fault you see when we got back from our fabulous vacation to the beach with our best buddies Grace, Matt, & Michael; William and I came to realize there was something wrong with our computer. Well to be honest it was me who noticed, once we got all settled back home I headed to the office to upload all my pics from the vacation, unfortunately it was giving me trouble and the next step for me in the troubleshooting checklist is to call out for William. Well after some inspection he came to the conclusion that there was something wrong with our monitor. So to make a long story short I can't upload my pictures so as a result I can't blog, which is super depressing! So I am trying to wait patiently to see what happens and what our solution to the tech issue will be.

Just to catch you up (Without pictures!!!) on what has been going on... Well I am trying to juggle moving my classroom and organizing and setting up the new one before school starts AS WELL as get Willie's room ready. I have made head way in both places. My classroom is about 98% moved thanks to Annie & Danielle & of course William, without them I probably would still be walking in overwhelmed not knowing where to start.

I am starting to get really nervous/excited about his arrival! With me being 31 weeks tomorrow I am starting to feel like it is crunch time! There are so many first occurring. I started going to the Dr.'s every two weeks. About two weeks ago the Dr. measured me with the nifty tape thing and said he is measuring BIG, like I did not know that (insert picture of me looking like I swallowed a watermelon seed =) ) I failed to ask her how many weeks my belly is measuring but I will be sure to ask her this Friday during my appointment. Another 1st was at the last appointment I had my glucose test, which I had heard was AWFUL, to my surprise it wasn't so bad I just inhaled the whole thing through a straw. It reminded me of a flat orange soda. This Friday another new thing is about to happen, William & I are meeting with a pediatrition, yes I know your probably thinking yeah no big deal, well I just think this is surreal, I mean meeting with a pediatrition is something parents do, & yes holy mackrel WE are about to be parents, that just jumps me every once in a while.The last new thing that has happened was this new trick that Willie has learned, ha ha, he will be rolling around practicing his trapeze act while I am walking none the less, when I will feel this insane sharp pain which makes me think I am going into labor. Even though it happens frequently, after talking with my more experienced mom friends I was told that is just part of the pain of pregnancy, "JOY!", note the sarcasm.