Monday, May 11, 2009

A Wonderful 1st Mother's Day followed by a VERY EMBARASSING MONDAY!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday, either being celebrated or celebrating a special mother. I love this holiday because yes it is important to celebrate your mother year round, but who loves a special holiday to celebrate someone special in your life. I love the top 3 hallmark holidays, i.e. Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, & Father's Day. I showered my mother and grandmother with cards and special gifts and most importantly TIME! William and I had breakfast with my mom & dad and then finished the day with a yummy dinner prepared by my dad. All in all the routines of the day were quite traditional, but unlike every other year I was celebrated as well. It was really weird when I woke up Sunday morning to William saying, "Happy Mother's Day!" I guess both he and I were still getting used to the idea of me being a mother. William then stepped out for a moment and brought me a gift from him. He bought me a new razor.

I kind of thought it was somewhat odd but very sweet. Then he walked out again and came back in with Izzy walking in on her 2 back legs holding a box. I wish I would have had a camera because it was adorable. =) The gift came with a card from Izzy and Willie. And the gift was a pregnant Willow Tree woman. The card said so that when I looked at it I would remember the special 9 months I shared with him. Isn't it sweet! I am truly married to the most amazing husband he is so sweet and he is going to be the most amazing father. So all in all I had a wonderful Mother's Day! And I look forward to next year when I will have my sweet baby boy to share Mother's Day with.

Of course as you can tell from the title of this post you know that there is still MUCH more to tell, so I will start from the beginning. I decided last night that I was going to exercise on my elliptical at about 5:30 AM so I would have time to still get ready for work. So that is what I did. I woke up and headed straight to my machine and watched last night's Desperate Housewives. I finished up and proceed to shower and get ready. I decided to get to work early and get stuff together because I had hall duty (watch the students in the hall while they wait to be let into their classroom. So at 7:40 I headed to the hallway and got to my post and sat and watched suddenly I felt very hot and then over the next 10 minutes I became nauseated. Then it progressively got worse my mentor teacher suggested that I go and retrieve a trash can just in case I did get sick. So I did. As I sat there all of the sudden I got really dizzy and my vision got blurry and I started seeing black dots and then all of sudden I projectile threw up on the floor and the trash can as well as on my clothes. Be sure to note that ALL my students were still in the hall way as well as parents bringing students to their classroom. I was mortified. As I sat there sick to my stomach I waited for the school nurse to come and get me, she took me to the clinic and checked my blood pressure and temperature. All normal. So I went home changed and came back to work and went through the day somewhat nauseous. Now I am fine, but I still don't know why I got sick. Because I have not been sick this pregnancy thus far. If you guys have any idea please fill me in. I hope everyone has a wonderful week. =)