Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!

Oh What FUN a hat and sunglasses can be!!




Willie: “HEY!”













Willie: “ROAR!”

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I don’t know about you other moms out there but I have been anxiously waiting for Willie to say “MAMA”! And guess what I am STILL waiting! He is just too much! I will say to him “mama” hoping he will copy me, but instead he replies “dada”. Oh yes DADA he has been saying that for months!  I hoping for my birthday he will FINALLY say it!! But I know he still loves me even if he won’t say mama because he will crawl up to me and want me to hold him and that just melts my heart!!

I also wanted to update you on some of Willie’s new tricks! A few weeks ago Willie started shaking his head no at us when he didn’t want something! So you can imagine how fun feeding time has gotten. =)



This past Sunday we stepped out of the nursery at church to ask William a question and Willie just started waving as big as he could! We have been trying to get him to wave for a while now so you can imagine how excited we were! Unfortunately the video below isn’t as cute as that moment but he DOES NOT really PERFORM!

And this week’s BIG TRICK is at the Doctor’s office Willie started clapping his hands!!

Monday, July 12, 2010


Ummm how about I am the WORST procrastinator!!!! Willie just turned 10 months, which means only 2 MONTHS TIL his 1st BIRTHDAY! And can I tell you that I have been waiting to plan a 1st Birthday Party for about 3 years!!! I am so excited!! And well you’re probably thinking your not a procrastinator because you STILL have 2 months. Well I am not really procrastinating on the birthday party as ACTUALLY working on my little man’s scrapbook!! Umm how about I have not put one thing in it!!! YAY! GO ME!  But I am determined to get it ALL DONE before his BIRTHDAY!! So I would appreciate any prayers  that I could get!

As for his birthday party, the theme is DINOSAURS!!!  It all goes back to when we found out our “EGGIE” (what we called our baby before we knew it was a boy) was a B-O-Y! Right after we left the Dr.’s office the day we found out we headed to Toys R’ Us! And William was really into DINOS when he was little so he picked out the world’s Largest dinosaur for Willie.


From there we picked up little bits of dinosaur goodies.  We really like dino jamies. In fact the first pair of jamies that he wore in the hospital were dinosaurs!!

IMG_0405 Awww he was so TINY!! Anyway I have gone off on a tangent. So the theme is Dinosaurs! We are SUPER EXCITED!!!

I always love looking at pics so here are some more pics of Willie is DINO jammies



Willie @ 4 months! ( Aunt Annie took this pic. It is definately one of my favorites!)






Willie @ 6 months!









Willie  @ 7 months!








Willie @ 8 months!







Anyways, I am always up for ideas so if anyone has some good ideas for DINO themed parties please share! Thanks!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy 10 Month’s Old Willie


I just can’t believe that he is already 10 months old!! He is growing like a weed! He is crawling everywhere and is into everything! He is getting close to walking too because he is pulling up. His favorite place to do so is in the kitchen when he is standing in front of a cabinet he just opened and is standing up to pull everything out of that particular cabinet. Most of all though he has developed quite a little attitude! He will let you know he doesn’t want to do something by shaking his head no and hollering and screeching very loudly. It seems like I am constantly saying, “Willie what do you have in your mouth? No!?” He is such a Stinker!!!

Even with his new tude he still is such a sweet little guy and William and I love him to pieces. The sweetest thing is to watch him light up and crawl as fast as he can to William when he realizes he is home for the first time!

I just smile as I hear his thumping as he crawls through the house. William and I waited so long for all that is WILLIE! We had no idea what JOY he would bring to our lives. We thank God everyday for blessing us with not just a child but, Willie.

We love you so much Willie! Happy 10 Months!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July Fun!

  Wow! I can’t believe the 4th of July has came and went already! This summer is going by so fast!

  As much as I love summer this summer is EXTRA special because it is Willie’s first! And I think his first 4th of July was a HIT!

  We had a great LONG weekend filled with BIG FUN! So let’s rewind back to Friday. William and I decided to go on a date. We did dinner at Chili's and went to see Toy Story 3! I know we were having a grown up night and go and see a kids movie! But hey what can we say we love cartoons. More so for me I LOVE DISNEY and ALL their MOVIES!


It was a really cute movie! If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it!

Saturday we took part in some small town fun! Every year our city has a 4th of July parade. Despite the gloomy weather, we managed to get through the entire parade without getting rained on! Occasions like these are why I love living in a small town!

Sunday we head over to my parent’s house for a BBQ and to Celebrate my Grandma’s 88th birthday! Once it got dark enough we went outside and set off some fireworks! The resident pyros William and my brother Jason handled the dangerous task! Here’s my dad and Willie watching all the action! It was way past Willie’s bed time so he was sporting his puppy dog PJ’s!


So we had a great time on Sunday and started Monday early @ 6 AM to head out to go scalloping on our boat , Broken. Yes, you read right the boat’s name is Broken. I’ll give you a brief back story on Broken. She was my dad’s boat, I spent many a summers skiing and tubing behind her. But when we moved up here she didn’t get much use. So my dad gave her to us about 3 years ago. William decided to renovate her so we could use her. So with the help of Matthew, my dad, and many others we fixed her up 2 years ago. And the week of July 4th we took her up to Lake Chatuge and we used her all week and tubed and skied behind her. And well that was the last time she really ran. Every year since then William has worked on her and thought he got her running only to get to the boat ramp and she wouldn’t run. So you see she got her name because she was ALWAYS BROKEN!!!

Well I am very proud to say that William FINALLY got her running and we had our FIRST successful scalloping trip with Broken.

William SO EXCITED!!!DSCN0073


Here we are waiting to put Broken in the water.

Well the trip was mostly a success Broken gave us a little trouble but hey that’s why we named her Broken. And William is already hard at work getting the kinks out. The important thing was we got off the trailer, out into open water, and back onto the trailer with the boat running! =) We ended up getting our limit of scallops and just had a all around great time!

So as I said above we had an AMAZING 4th of July and I hope everyone else did as well!