Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I don’t know about you other moms out there but I have been anxiously waiting for Willie to say “MAMA”! And guess what I am STILL waiting! He is just too much! I will say to him “mama” hoping he will copy me, but instead he replies “dada”. Oh yes DADA he has been saying that for months!  I hoping for my birthday he will FINALLY say it!! But I know he still loves me even if he won’t say mama because he will crawl up to me and want me to hold him and that just melts my heart!!

I also wanted to update you on some of Willie’s new tricks! A few weeks ago Willie started shaking his head no at us when he didn’t want something! So you can imagine how fun feeding time has gotten. =)



This past Sunday we stepped out of the nursery at church to ask William a question and Willie just started waving as big as he could! We have been trying to get him to wave for a while now so you can imagine how excited we were! Unfortunately the video below isn’t as cute as that moment but he DOES NOT really PERFORM!

And this week’s BIG TRICK is at the Doctor’s office Willie started clapping his hands!!


The Marino Family said...

Willie is just too sweet. I can't believe he's not saying "Mama" yet... especially since he looked at me last night and said "Mommy 2"!! Ha

Carrie said...

I love that Willie, Stephanie! He is so cute. And I love that he has some new tricks. Reading what you wrote about him saying DaDa when you tell him to say, Momma, makes me think about Annie and Belle! Too funny ;) Those Whitehurst babies are so stubborn!