Monday, July 12, 2010


Ummm how about I am the WORST procrastinator!!!! Willie just turned 10 months, which means only 2 MONTHS TIL his 1st BIRTHDAY! And can I tell you that I have been waiting to plan a 1st Birthday Party for about 3 years!!! I am so excited!! And well you’re probably thinking your not a procrastinator because you STILL have 2 months. Well I am not really procrastinating on the birthday party as ACTUALLY working on my little man’s scrapbook!! Umm how about I have not put one thing in it!!! YAY! GO ME!  But I am determined to get it ALL DONE before his BIRTHDAY!! So I would appreciate any prayers  that I could get!

As for his birthday party, the theme is DINOSAURS!!!  It all goes back to when we found out our “EGGIE” (what we called our baby before we knew it was a boy) was a B-O-Y! Right after we left the Dr.’s office the day we found out we headed to Toys R’ Us! And William was really into DINOS when he was little so he picked out the world’s Largest dinosaur for Willie.


From there we picked up little bits of dinosaur goodies.  We really like dino jamies. In fact the first pair of jamies that he wore in the hospital were dinosaurs!!

IMG_0405 Awww he was so TINY!! Anyway I have gone off on a tangent. So the theme is Dinosaurs! We are SUPER EXCITED!!!

I always love looking at pics so here are some more pics of Willie is DINO jammies



Willie @ 4 months! ( Aunt Annie took this pic. It is definately one of my favorites!)






Willie @ 6 months!









Willie  @ 7 months!








Willie @ 8 months!







Anyways, I am always up for ideas so if anyone has some good ideas for DINO themed parties please share! Thanks!!!


Carrie said...

That is the biggest dino I have ever seen, Stephanie! No wonder your house is known as toyland! You know Annie will be full of good party ideas.

Dani and Dave said...

Super cute! I'd love to help with the planning if you need any. Cori Belle will have to find a very cute dino outfit to wear to the party! :)

Donna said...

Soooo cute!!

Lauren said...

Thats crazy only 2 months it seems like yesterday you were still pregnant!

Annie said...

loved seeing all the old pics! cant believe he will be 1 in 2 months!!! it flies for sure...

Immeasurably More Mama said...

Those dinosaur PJs are really cute...but not as cute as the little guy wearing them!