Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy 10 Month’s Old Willie


I just can’t believe that he is already 10 months old!! He is growing like a weed! He is crawling everywhere and is into everything! He is getting close to walking too because he is pulling up. His favorite place to do so is in the kitchen when he is standing in front of a cabinet he just opened and is standing up to pull everything out of that particular cabinet. Most of all though he has developed quite a little attitude! He will let you know he doesn’t want to do something by shaking his head no and hollering and screeching very loudly. It seems like I am constantly saying, “Willie what do you have in your mouth? No!?” He is such a Stinker!!!

Even with his new tude he still is such a sweet little guy and William and I love him to pieces. The sweetest thing is to watch him light up and crawl as fast as he can to William when he realizes he is home for the first time!

I just smile as I hear his thumping as he crawls through the house. William and I waited so long for all that is WILLIE! We had no idea what JOY he would bring to our lives. We thank God everyday for blessing us with not just a child but, Willie.

We love you so much Willie! Happy 10 Months!!!


Jackson & Trish Whitehurst said...

Happy 10 Months Willie!!!! I can't wait to see him crawling around in person :)

Immeasurably More Mama said...

Willie is adorable! I know from experience how blessed you feel when you've waited so long for a child. My husband and I also dealth with infertility. It was a painful experience but the Lord used it to fulfill his plan for our family. Now I am the mama to two precious boys! It was great meeting you last week at the jewelry party!