Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Willie is 8 Weeks old Today!


Willie has been VERY busy these past 4 weeks growing and changing. He now weighs 10lbs!!! I can't even believe it!! Willie will be 8 weeks old today and has learned lots of new tricks! He can hold his head up pretty good on his own, he can grab things a little, and our FAVORITE new trick he can do is SMILE!! He just looks too CUTE doing it! I can't believe how much he has grown I remember it was just yesterday when he was born! I am trying so hard to document everything so I can remember all he does! I love being able to be home and not miss a minute of him growing and changing! Being a Mama is GREAT I never could imagine how wonderful it is!

I am trying to upload a video for the first time so bear with me if it doesn't work. Yesterday while I was playing with Willie I had that maniac song stuck in my head. And Earlier that day my weekly baby development email said that I should be moving his legs and arms. So putting 2 and 2 together I hit up itunes and played the song and played with Willie. Unfortunately I don't have enough hands to record and play with him, so I had to wait until William got home. And unfortunately Willie does NOT perform. So I couldn't record what I saw earlier but I still thought he looked cute. So below is what resulted.


The Marino Family said...

That was awesome seeing Willie get his exercise...haha That made my day and him and Annabelle look cute in their costumes.

Carrie said...

He is so cute Stephanie! Happy birthday, Willie.

Annie said...

Oh my... Willie's a dancing machine! Ha... He looks a little concerned, like he wasnt quite sure his legs were suppose to be doing that! Ha.. Love the smiling pic of him! SO Cute!

Jackson & Trish Whitehurst said...

Willie looked a little confused with his aerobic excersise!!!! Cute though