Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Changes and Trick or Treating!

Well we started the Halloween Season by going to our church's Fall Festival Our little man is a Lobster this year and and he is too CUTE in my opinion!

Next we went trick or treating with our cousin and friend Annabelle! We didn't trick or treat on Halloween night because William and I were going to Jacksonville for the Worlds Largest Tailgate Party! So we drove to various family member's houses.

As I said above Wille was a Lobster and a CUTE one at that! Here he is posing in his Gandmama's stew pot!

We started our Trick or Treating adventure at Willie's Grandmama and Nady's house! We then headed to our cousin's houses and ended at Willie's Nana and Popa's house.

Here are the OH SO PROUD grandparents lovin on their favorite little lobster.

Willie loved his trick or treat basket that his nana gave him, he had a tight grip on the handle as to make sure that he wouldn't forget it at their house.

Below is just a little picture of Willie infront of our Fall decor on the porch!

Although Willie will probably not remember his first Halloween, we will and I know that he had an awesome time!


Julianne Hendrickson said...

so sweet, love the pictures, he is so handsome!!

Annie said...

these pics turned out so cute! Love it!

Jackson & Trish Whitehurst said...

Oh my goodness!!!! He is the cutest lil' Lobster I have ever seen!!! I love the picture of him in the pot, I can't wait to show Jackson these pictures he is going to go crazy over them!!!

Alex and Jill said...

Love his costume...too cute!!