Monday, March 2, 2009

Eggie is REALLY coming!!!

Yes I know if there was an award for worst blogger I would get it, that is for hardly ever posting. But as I promise every post I will do better. I learned today that I can type on my computer and be on my elliptical machine at the same time. So the plan is to post everyday while I am on my elliptical, but we'll see!

Well your probably wondering how silly is she to just NOW realize that this baby is REALLY coming! So I am going to explain. You see this past Tuesday we had our monthly Dr. visit each time thus far it has been something EXCITING! This visit we got to hear Eggie's heartbeat! So EXCITING!!! Well up until that point when I heard it's sweet heart beat I have been afraid that this was all a dream and Eggie was going to disappear back into my body. So I guess you could say that it wasn't completely a reality. But that all changed when I heard the heart beat, I just started to feel so much better!

Oh and as an update the Dr. said that it's probably beating at about 160 bpm, she was just guessing though she didn't actually count. And according to some old wives tale a faster heartbeat means it is a GIRL. But I have heard different things from different people. So if you have any insight into this old wives tale I would love to hear it!

And so until tomorrow I wish you all a wonderful evening (hmmm don't I sound like an anchor person from the afternoon news "cheesy" =P )


Alex and Jill said...

It's always nice to see an update from you. :)

How exciting to hear the heartbeat!! I'm sure with each week that passes, it will become more and more of a reality.


Carrie said...

I'm seriously impressed that you can workout and type at the same time!!! I have trouble giving Allie a bottle and typing with my left hand.

It was good to see you at Annie's last week. You look wonderful! I don't know much about counting the speed of the baby's heart beats, but I wanted to tell you that you really are GLOWING!

Cin said...

Little thing I learnt...if you can see a willy on the ultrasound then its a boy. If you don't it might be a girl but may be a shy boy...(grin)