Monday, April 26, 2010

A BUSY BUSY Saturday!!!

Last Wednesday my S-I-L Sarah, her husband, and two girls welcomed a healthy handsome baby boy into the world. William and I decided that we would head down to see her this past Saturday. Since it takes 4 hours to drive down to see her we asked William's daddy fly us down 1hour and 20 minutes is WAY better than 4 hours.

Here are some pics from our flying adventure!

The pilot and co-pilot

Getting ready to go...

Me trying NOT to look nervous.

The beautiful view out my window...

Pilot and co-pilot talking to people on the radio roger, 10-4, copy that....

The top of a cloud !!!!


The plane

I would be concerned if people did not fly friendly. I am sure air rage is WAY WORSE than road rage!
Landing back home.

Once we got out of the plane we headed to get Willie and get dressed for his cousin's wedding we knew would be late but still wanted to go. Below are some pictures from the festivities!
Mama & her boy!
Willie's #1 Nurse & May May
This little girl was fascinated with Willie, she kept saying, "baby". I figured it would be a cute pic if they danced!
Our Little Family
Bustin'-A- Move!
I know the video is dark but it is of Willie and his Nandy dancing. I thought it was TOO CUTE! Of course the video won't rotate so you will have to turn your head.

When we FINALLY got home we were all VERY exhausted! But ALL the FUN and EXCITEMENT was worth it! Congrats Sarah & Richard on Thomas and Congrats to Mary & B.J. on getting married!!!


Annie said...

Loved all the pics! I want Uncle Jack to take me on a plane ride! Love the pic of he and William! Such a great one! The wedding pics are so cute, too... my fave is the one of all 3 of yall dancing! love it!

Jackson & Trish Whitehurst said...

So much fun!!!! Willie is too cute for words!!!! And Stephanie you look so great!!!!