Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mothers in Motion (hmmm what could I be talking about this time???)

Well this post would have been up about a week ago, BUT our internet went down so we were going through serious withdrawal. Anyway....

In an effort to save money I decided to freeze my gym membership because I wasn't using it. So I called the gym and while I spoke with the lady from the gym I asked if there were any classes for pregnant women. She said, "Yes we do it is called Mothers in Motion." She explained further that it was an aquatic aerobics class Tues, Thurs, and Sat. I said thanks and informed her that I would be coming to that evenings class. I then called William and told him my plans for the evening. So I got my stuff together and headed up to G-ville for my first aerobics class. Well it was so much fun!!! I was really shocked how difficult it was. I have to admit whenever I thought of water aerobics I envisioned a bunch of old ladies working out in the pool. So with that in mind I thought I exercise all the time this class is probably going to be too easy for me. Much to my surprise yeah it is one thing to do those exercise OUTSIDE the water it is quite another to do them while in the water!!! So to be honest the class was a bit challenging but like I said it was really fun! The instructor keeps saying that exercising will help with labor and actually make it easier so I am counting on it!!!

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