Monday, November 3, 2008

Fun Filled Saturday!

In my attempt to talk about other things in life that have nothing to do with baby making, because on top of all this baby making business William and I have a very busy life! Almost every weekend is jam packed with activities with friends and family. By Sunday afternoon we wonder in exhaustion where the weekend went and we can't wait until Friday is here again!

This weekend was extra special because it was the weekend of FLORIDA VS. GEORGIA. For those of you who don't really keep up with SEC college football, this is a HUGE game for both teams. Next to Florida State, Georgia is our next big rival. Both teams meet on neutral ground (Jaguar Stadium), in Jacksonville, FL, and play a hard cor football game. It has been this way for a VERY long time. And so being the HUGE Gator fans that William and I are we travel up to Jacksonville every year to watch them play.

This year we rode up and tailgated with our Good friends Annie, Devin, Adam, & Lauren. Annie and Lauren set up the most adorable tailgating site. And Devin and Adam cooked up some yummy schish ca bobs (please excuse the spelling error). Over all it was a GREAT time!!!! The Best part of course was when the Gators STOMPED Georgia.
I realized later that night that one of the many reason's I love going to Gator games is because it is 4 hours or sometimes more of no talk of babies and I am happy to say I like it.

Below I have posted some pictures from this weekend:
William & I

Me, Annie (baby Belle), & Lauren

yummy food

Annie & I enjoying our Pixie Stixs


Life with D and D said...

Steph - Tell William I LOVE free hotdogs and want some more soon. :) haha

Alex and Jill said...

I love tailgating!! So much fun!

I also LOVE SEC football! :)