Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother’s Day 2011

I had such a wonderful day yesterday! We started the day by heading to church and hearing a great Mother’s Day message from our pastor. We followed church up with a visit to see William’s mom, Willie’s Grandmama! Willie is so cute about carrying gifts directly to the specific person. He is getting too cute!

After that we headed to our new house (post coming) for a much needed day of rest and swimming! Before heading in to eat lunch I wanted a quick pic of my sweet baby boy & I on our 2nd Mother’s Day together!


After that he immediately stood by the same tree and repeatedly said “Cheese! Cheese!” So I started taking his picture and then he just posed like a little model up against the tree! He is so funny! Here are a few pics from our impromptu photo session.

2011_05_08 Mother's Day 2011

After a much needed nap for Willie and a relaxing afternoon by the pool we headed to my parents house for dinner. There Willie delivered his gift to his Nana. He is just so sweet!  There William had Willie deliver his sweet card he had decorated just for me! He is really into drawing lately. It was so sweet! We wrapped up the night early because lately I am exhausted by 8.

I can’t imagine how different Mother’s Day will be next year! With ALL 4 of my sweet baby boys and wonderful hubby!

I hope everyone had a Wonderful Mother’s Day and showered their mothers with extra love and attention!

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