Friday, April 22, 2011

Our new …. Ride!

   Since the day we found out we were having triplets we knew we were going to need to get a vehicle. And I knew what type it was going to have to be… as much as I didn’t want to admit it! Deep down I wanted a  Chevy Suburban, but I knew our budget and the fact that we wanted to not have car payments made the budget EVEN tighter! So I had to put that dream on hold! That afternoon when I got home from the Dr.’s I started the hunt for a minivan! (Yes I said it) Let it be known now that I had to break one of my unspoken wedding vows when we started this hunt!  The one where he promised me that he would never make me get a minivan.

    While paroozing around on the internet I came across this You- tube video and suddenly getting a van didn’t seem as bad. I thought it was too funny and some how I just felt like I was entering a part of my life that this vehicle was necessary.

   So we narrowed our focus on either the Honda or the Sienna minivan and after months of searching for the perfect minivan we finally found one. I was relieved because honestly I was tired of looking, but at the same time I was bummed because I knew it was time to say goodbye to my Escape. We got it right after we got married and I have loved it!


   My parents ended up buying it so I can always take  it for a spin if I miss it too much!

   But its replacement is not too shabby! In fact I love it MORE than the Escape!  (BOY never thought I would say that!) We ended up with a Honda Odyssey


   The features are just amazing! It is like the manufacturers just went and surveyed moms to see what would make a convenient vehicle like:

  • Power doors
  • Comfy seating that all recline and slide forward and back
  • a nifty little mirror that I can see the entire back of the car
  • power back windows (no more trying to suck air through a tiny slot like the old vans)
  • And my Favorite built in Sun shades that I can still roll the window down!


All in all I feel blessed that we were able to find such a wonderful vehicle!


Immeasurably More Mama said...

We broke the same unspoken promise just before we became foster parents. Our plan was to look at SUVs but then we test drove an Odyssey and the rest is history. :) It just made sense for a growing family! Your going to loooovve it!

Charon Benton said...

let me tell ya girl..i always said i would not drive a grocery-getter (that's what i call a minivan) and I LOVED MY ODYSSEY!!! I WISH THAT I HAD NEVER TRADED IT IN last August! I LOOOOOVVVEEEEDDDD my odyssey!! The auto-door feature is the BEST THING EVER!! you will LOVE your new van!

Carrie said...

I like your new van. Proof that we should never say never :) Who in the world would have thought when you got married that you would have triplets, Stephanie!? Girl, now you need some major car seats!!!

Lauren said...

Swagger Wagon!!! Stop by sometime and take me for a ride around the loop!