Wednesday, April 13, 2011

W-O-W !

       I just love it when the Lord’s plans just KNOCK you off your feet! And that is what happened the on Tuesday at my ultrasound appointment.

   In order to understand EVERYTHING I have to rewind to some info that we received at our last ultrasound appointment that we weren’t ready to share.  At the last appointment the Dr. noticed some soft signs on Baby 2 that lead to some life changing affects for our sweet Baby 2. To put it mildly William and I were at a loss for words and just didn’t know what to do. So with support from close friends and family we started to pray for Baby 2.  That was about 3 weeks ago.

  Now fast forward to this past Tuesday. As you can imagine I was filled with some serious anxiety. I had been doing my best to hand this issue over to God and up until Tuesday I had done well. I knew that it was out of my hands and prayed all Monday night and all morning that I would continue to have a peace about everything and that I would remember that it is ALL in God’s hands. As you can imagine all William and I wanted was 3 healthy babies. I knew that there were many many people praying for my sweet babies and William and I. And I honestly felt the Lord’s embrace on the drive up to the Dr.’s. 

   One definite way was about 3 weeks ago when I was leaving the Dr.’s on my way to go pick up Willie sobbing uncontrollably I decided that I needed to get a hold of myself and lean on the Lord. So I turned on the radio and Mandisa’s new song “Stronger” was debuting. I didn’t stop crying but as I listened to the words I felt comfort. Well it just so happened that yesterday morning Mandisa was visiting the radio morning show and they were discussing her new cd What if we were Real, the radio host proceeded to as her about the song “Stronger” and why she wrote it. It was crazy that it was all happening! Just hearing her reasoning made me feel so comforted. Of course when they played the song I cried, but this time knowing that whatever happened that the Lord was using this situation to make me stronger.  I knew the Lord was speaking to me through this wonderful song! If you want here is the song so you can give it a listen..

Mandisa's Stronger

So anyway back to the Dr. appointment. As William and I sat in the room waiting for the ultrasound tech to start the ultrasound I felt like I couldn’t breathe. She checked all 3 babies and said they looked perfect of course William and I were overjoyed! But, we wanted to hear it from the Dr.  So he came in and proceeded to continue the ultrasound. After a few minutes I finally asked How does Baby 2 look? He said GREAT! The baby looked so good he had forgotten that he had seen the soft sign 3 weeks ago. He then double checked and the sign he saw was COMPLETELY GONE!!! I was just so speechless! God is so GOOD! William and I feel so blessed that we have a have 3 healthy babies and a happy healthy beautiful 19 month old! I know sometimes I over look the many many blessings the Lord has given me. I want to thank Him daily!

  Something else VERY exciting  happened at that appointment. We were blessed to have ALL 3 babies cooperate and we were able to find out the genders of ALL 3! Ok…. drumroll please…………………………………….

We are having 3 MORE B-O-Y-S!

  I know can you believe it! We are so excited but speechless at the same time! What am I going to do! But hey boys are so much fun! As for names we have two and are on the hunt for a third we would like it to be meaningful because we want it to be for Baby 2 which is our little miracle baby! These are the names we have thus far pending any changes.

  • Drake Robert Whitehurst
  • Ross Charles Whitehurst

   So far the Dr. says I am doing very well in my pregnancy. But, just as a precautionary measure he has recommended “light” duty. Which basically means

  • No more long driving trips
  • No more long walking shopping trips (boooo!)
  • I need to limit how much I pick up Willie
  • And last I just need to basically rest and take it easy. Which is hilarious because I have a 19 month old! On top of all the upcoming changes that I will be sharing soon. =)

I will be posting some belly pictures from the beginning to now along with comparisons of when I was preggers with Willie soon.

  But until then here are some pictures  and the stats of our Trio! Just as a side note they are already very rambunctious kicking each other in the womb during the ultrasound!

Group shots: They no longer ALL completely fit in the frame.

All 3 @ 17 weeks

Baby 1’s head in lower right corner. Baby 2’s legs or feet depending on pic. in upper middle. Baby 3’s head in far left.

Group Shot @ 17 weeks

Profile Shots:

Baby 2 Profile @ 17 weeks

Baby 2




                                                     Baby 3

     Baby 1        Baby 3 Profile @ 17 weeksBaby 1 Profile @ 17 weeks


Charon Benton said...

Exciting! LOTS OF boys for you Momma!!! Hugs!
Love the names you've picked out!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

AMAZING! Boy, I thought I had my hands full with two boys! Ha! Being a boy mommy is A LOT of fun and I know you see your FOUR boys as a blessing. Congratulations!

The Marino Family said...

I'm so happy that everything is going well and that they are all healthy!! I think Baby 2 should be named Matthew "Gift from God"

Patterson Family said...

I'm so glad everything is okay and all three babies are healthy!!

I love the name Drake by the way! ;-)

Danielle said...

SOOOO excited for you guys! :)

Carrie said...

I am so glad you are having three healthy babies and ALL boys, that's big time exciting, Stephanie! We have been praying for y'all!

Crystal said...

Oh my! I have been off the blog wagon a little too long too, cause I just found all this news today!! COngratulations! Lots of prayers coming your way for 3 healthy, happy, 37 weeks boys!!