Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BIG change # 2!

Since we found out we were having a baby William and I have been thinking and slowly looking for a new home. At the end of February we found the house we were looking for. It is a “Fix er upper!” with a pool @ the right price! So let me stop here and say, “Yes we ARE crazy trying to fix a house up to move in to BEFORE we add a set of TRIPLETS arrive!”  But hey who doesn’t LOVE a challenge!

We closed in April and celebrated with our first swim in our new pool!


IMG_5294       IMG_5293

Here is our new home! We are so excited! I know it’s not too much to look at now, but we have BIG plans for her! There are so many funny parts of the look of this house starting with the LIONS!


Here is a QUICK tour of the house… be sure to note ALL the wood paneling ( I will post a current picture of what has changed as we (code for William since I can’t really do anything) have been working on the house. William has been working on the house every free moment, after work and every weekend.



The front door-the gated door screen thing will be leaving as soon as we are done working, but it makes a GREAT baby gate!IMG_5159






The front entry way (what you see when you walk in the door)IMG_5160







Unfortunately we would have had to sand ALL the paneling in order to paint it. We decided to go with a form plaster.

IMG_5165   The living room




The Kitchen

IMG_5166     IMG_5167IMG_5168      IMG_5169IMG_5170

The O.K. Corral Doors in the kitchen going into the hallway! We have since taken them down Willie misses running through them and laughing.



Here is what the kitchen, dining, and entry way look like now.  We cut a hole in the wall and closed in the  2nd doorway  going into the playroom. And placed the cabinets on the wall we took down on the new area where we closed in the door.IMG_5355IMG_5354IMG_5362







The hallway between the kitchen and living room.

Willie’s Room


Thus far we pulled up the floor IMG_5308

The Triplets Room


We also pulled the floor and moldings down in this room as well.

The Children’s bathroom/ Guest Bath


The Master Bedroom, Closet, & Bath

IMG_5183 The window to the right is gone and now there is a set of French doors. Unfortunately I don’t have a pic of them. But here is some demo pics, who doesn’t love some demo?!








Master Bath

( I am sure you are LOVING ALL the mirrors!)



The Master closet (the picture is NOT deceiving it REALLY that small)



The Playroom


The Laundry Room

              IMG_5190            IMG_5191

The Back Patio, Backyard, & Shed


Right now William has been working in the kitchen redoing the cabinets so far he has sanded everything that is wood in the house and  sanded the cabinets. He is almost done I can’t wait to see the whole kitchen put together!

Our goal is to be moved into the house by June 10 so we will see! I will try to keep the blog up to date as we continue to make progress on the house.


Charon Benton said...

stephanie, where is that house? It looks familiar? in "town"?
I love all your changes, can't wait to see it complete!

Patterson Family said...

This is so exciting! It looks like you have a great plan, hopefully it will all be done on time. :-) Can't wait to see the finished product.

Crystal said...

I'm proud of yall, its a big goal, but looks like its coming along great!! Keep us posted!

Amy said...

Holy Moly! Last time I looked at your blog, was just you 2 and Willie, now with triplets?!?!?! Congrats! I'm doing well also, of course with Aidan now who is 20months, and we had our "bonus" Dylan who is almost 6months now. Good luck with the triplets!

Carrie said...

WOW! I am so behind on my blog reading, Stephanie. Your house has SO much potential. It is already looking great just with the changes y'all have made. I know it is a crazy, exciting time for you, so I'm praying for y'all.