Monday, October 18, 2010

A new journey…

   So when  I started being a stay at home mom in June I knew that I was starting a new journey in my life, but I tried not to worry knowing that God would provide us with what we needed and would guide me in the right direction. And looking back now he has definitely taken me on an interesting path.

   Since June I have been tutoring. In the beginning it was just for the summer. Then in about July God brought this amazing family into my life. And I started tutoring their son in August of this past year. It has been such a blessing. I have learned so much and I thank God everyday for bringing them into my life. He has answered my prayer to be a stay at home mama for Willie and teach. It has been great!

  The other side path that God has started me on started in July of this year. I have always loved to sew and every now and then I make little things. Well this summer I decided that I wanted to make matching dresses and bows for my twin nieces who will be arriving in November.

This is how they came out…

DSCN0140    DSCN0139

I decided to give them their dresses at their baby shower. After the shower a friend of my family’s came up and told me that I could actually sell my dresses. I of course was like, “Are you serious”. And well from that point on I decided that I would give this selling thing a try. Since then I have sold a few dresses and bows.  Here are a few that I have made.

DSCN0171  DSCN0174


DSCN0246     DSCN0247 

Here is my niece sporting her dress & bow that I made her for her birthday!


I’ve also made Willie a few short talls (jon jons). I don’t remember if I said it on his birthday post but I made that jon jon for him. Here are a few…

DSCN0173              DSCN0172


Here are my latest; that I made this week…




  My nephew really didn’t want to pose for this pic so he decided to make a silly face to speed the photo process along so he could play with the rest of his birthday presents. He really has loved it though. My sister-in-law has had a hard time getting him to take it off so she can wash it. =)




Please let me know what you guys think. And if you are interested in getting a dress, jon-jon, or some bows just email me @ (I’ve made dresses as big as a children’s size 12). Oh yeah I got myself a business name.


I am so excited for the journey God has planned for me. I am loving EVERY MOMENT that I am blessed to have to spend with Willie, now that I am home with him everyday! I just love waking up and making him breakfast playing with him and watching him grow and change! I love him so much!


Donna said...

Really cute!!! Good Luck!!

Danielle said...

LOVE that Gator dress with the gator on it!! SOOO cute! You are doing a GREAT job! :)

Immeasurably More Mama said...

I tried to leave a comment on this post before but it must not have worked. I'm so happy that you can make a little money doing something that you love. I also love to sew! Do you have a pattern for the john johns? I need one. :)