Thursday, October 21, 2010


Every season has parts that I love in it and when it comes to Fall it is the pumpkins ,Gator Football, and a dressing up in costume!  And lately we have been enjoying a lot of ALL of those things! These past two weeks especially!

We as a family have visited two pumpkin patches in the last two weeks each unique in their own way!

The first pumpkin patch was special because we could go out into the field choose our pumpkin and cut off the vine! I can’t even tell you how much FUN that was. Unfortunately Willie was in desperate need for a nap while we were there so he didn’t smile too much for the pictures but we still had a great time!


When we got to the pumpkin patch it had these great little photo opp set up. As you can see from above with Stone Face Jackson we decided to not push photo taking. Next we grabbed a wagon loaded our little man up and headed to find the perfect pumpkin.

October 2010

As luck would have it we found TWO perfect pumpkins! And my sweet hubby knowing how much I love pumpkins said we could have them both!  I don’t know what Willie loved more playing with the hay or scaring his mama by trying to jump off the wagon!








The other pumpkin patch was special because it not only had pumpkins but a corn maze, a petting zoo, a pony ride, a cow train, a hay ride AND this GIANT pillow trampoline thing!

Our first stop in this monstrosity Pumpkin Patch was the petting zoo!

IMG_4322      My poor baby still doesn’t know his animals so he kept “Moooooing” at this goat and wondering why it wouldn’t mooo back.









We eventually got the animal he DID know and was quite content with the sound it made back to him when he made his animal sound.





After that we headed to the Cow Train. From the smirk on his face he was expecting a little more. I assured him that mama was working on daddy taking him to Disney world.IMG_4325IMG_4331   IMG_4329








From his serious face I got while he was on the exciting COW TRAIN you can imagine I still have A LOT of work to do to convince William to take Willie to the Happiest Place on Earth. I was hoping for a little more excitement to be on Willie’s face, but how much excitement can come from being on a COW TRAIN, needless to say I was happy he didn’t request another ride around.

Our next stop was the hay ride, it gave a tour of the grounds and stopped and let everyone off to choose a tiny pumpkin to take home. I had never seen so many little pumpkins before!






   My little man chose one from the three that his daddy had grouped together. I was happy to see he took after his daddy on decision making. If he took after me we would still be at the pumpkin patch going through ALL those tiny pumpkins!




At the same little spot was a photo spot I don’t even need to explain how that came out…


After that we headed to Willie’s Two Favorites …

IMG_4354    The pony ride where he may not of smiled but chatted up a storm to the pony he was riding.





And the giant pillow where he was full of smiles!








This past Friday was a BIG day for my Willie boy’s Fall Festivities! That morning we headed to Gainesville and met up with his friend Cori and her mommy Danielle and headed for the Homecoming Parade! Willie had a great time I can’t wait for our local H.S. homecoming parade I know he will enjoy it just as much!









That night we had Willie’s 1st Pumpkin Party to attend hosted by his cousin and her best friend! When William pulled out his dinosaur costume Willie was ALL smiles!

 IMG_4278 IMG_4279


I didn’t realize his costume matched his favorite toy so much! He looked too cute!



The Pumpkin Party was wonderful they had all sorts of fun activities for the children to do Willie’s favorites were the corn trough and the hay ride!


Oh Yes BIG BIG NEWS (if you didn’t see our wordless Wednesday) Willie has started walking this month! Here is a few pics of our little DINO stomping around!


We wrapped up this weekend with a Gator Game! Even though Gator football has been in full swing since September I haven’t been able to tailgate at a home game all season. So Saturday we tailgated with our friends Grace & Matt and Danielle & David. We had a GREAT time despite the fact that the Gators LOST!!!


  Unfortunately this was the only picture I have from that afternoon.


Danielle said...

But it's your favorite picture, right?!? :)

Charon Benton said...

Of course, wee Willie was adorable!! And I hated that the Gators lost! Ugh!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

Willie was such a cute dinosaur! My son was calling him a T-Rex. :) Those pumpkin patches look like so much fun. I didn't know there was a pumpkin patch with pumpkins actually on the vine in our area?