Monday, September 13, 2010

Willie’s First Birthday Party

I don’t know about all you other mothers out there but I started planning this party just after Willie was born! I know I am crazy! I always looked forward to throwing a 1st birthday party and now I have. I am proud to say that I survived the planning and implementing and the party was a hit! I am also glad that it is OVER!!! Birthday parties are EXHAUSTING!!! Here are some pics of the party before anyone got there.


I worked so hard on making sure everything was special for Willie even though I know he won’t remember it. I wanted every detail perfect! I even made his jon jon that he wore! Here he is sporting it!IMG_3783The stinker was such a sober Joe when it came time to take pictures! Thankfully he somewhat smiled when he was taking pictures with us!IMG_3848 IMG_3864








Here is his cake. I was so GLAD that it didn’t melt!

IMG_3808 IMG_3809 





After making a practice cake which he demolished at the picture place and these two I don’t want to see a birthday cake for another year!


And when it came time for our little guy to devour his cake he responded with “num”; and carefully used his fingers to pick off the pieces that he wanted.



All was going well until he discovered the Cozy Coupe that his daddy and I got him for his birthday. He immediately made a bee line to the car and abandoned the cake action.

 IMG_3961 IMG_3958













We took that as a sign and decided to start opening presents! Which by the way over the past year we have learned ALOT about things that people don’t tell you about when they are giving you tips about having a baby, BUT this by far was the WORST!!! No one told us how STRESSFUL it is to open presents at your child’s birthday party! I mean you want to give each gift proper attention, but at the same time you don’t want to be “that” party where they took FOREVER to open presents. PLUS you have to somehow explain to a 1 year old that yes this is their new toy and they will eventually get to play with it but for right now we need to set it aside and open the next present.  “Yeah RIGHT!” We got the response you all would assume we would get…2010_09_052

You would think the child had NEVER seen a toy before! And trust me he is NOT deprived! But Willie was blessed to be loved by so many and he got so many gifts he did enjoy all of them you could see how much he liked each of them as we got the above response for each gift. “I know FUN!! Right?!”


We finished the party up with the children breaking the Piñata! (William’s idea, I wanted to save the adorable thing)

Willie had the first hit and then everyone else had a turn.

IMG_4031 2010_09_054

It was definitely the BEST birthday party I have ever thrown and one that I will remember FOREVER!!! Thank you to all those who helped us celebrate Wille’s 1st birthday! I know not ALL of you are in this picture! You guys made this WILLIE’S BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! We could not have done this without our Family! Thank You! We Love You All!



AMW said...

Willie's party was perfect in every way! :) I cant believe its been a YEAR already!!!!

Jackson & Trish Whitehurst said...

Oh how I wish we could have been there for his 1st birthday and Stephanie HOLY COW, it looks like you threw an awesome party!!!! I absolutely love the cakes :)

The Marino Family said...

You did an AMAZING job on Willie's birthday party. He will never know how hard his Mama worked to make his day so special. You ROCK!!

Danielle said...

So glad we could be there to celebrate! Happy Birthday Willie!! :)

Carrie said...

What a sweet party Stephanie. Looks like y'all made some great memories for Willie!