Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just a Few Words Wednesday!

This is what Willie was doing one week ago on his birthday!!


  • He smiled for mommy as she took a MILLION pictures of him to commemorate the BIG DAY in his adorable birthday shirt.



  • He invited he best pals over to play with his new toys. In the morning Annabelle, Michael, & Madelyn came over.


In the afternoon Cori Belle came over. You can see their fun on Danielle’s blog. I was a bad mommy and didn’t take pics. Here are some pictures I borrowed from her blog.


We wrapped the day up with ONE more birthday cake which was HILARIOUS!!


Who knew that oranage and blue icing would be so nasty when mixed together!!! It was everywhere!!!

I think Willie had a SUPER FUN Birthday week spending time with family and friends!

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