Friday, July 22, 2011

What’s Up With Willie?

  I have noticed that since I have been pregnant with the triplets I haven’t posted much about Willie. So here is a little update of our sweet Willie Boy!

   To start he is FAR from being a baby anymore! He is in FULL toddler mode, at 22 months! I know lucky us! But with all the challenges that come with having a toddler come the sweet surprises as well! Smile

  He has become quite a chatter box! He has the sweetest names for his cousins; he loves them ALL so much!! He is obsessed with Mickey Mouse “mee meee” and knows what he likes and dislikes (mostly things that I ask him to do)

   I love being able to wake up and spend each and everyday with him! He is so sweet and FULL of love especially for his DADDY!!! He has SERIOUS “Daddyitous!” It just melts my heart in the evenings when he hears the door open and runs straight to his daddy yelling “Daddy! Daddy!” I am not quite sure how William is going to pick up ALL FOUR boys as they greet him each evening in the coming years!

   This summer Willie has adjusted well to moving to a new house; which I am sure the new pool helped. He has been such a good helper helping his daddy any chance he can! We just hope he adjusts well to his 3 new baby brothers just as well!

  This past month we started swim lessons! He has really enjoyed them since he learned how to follow his instructors rules. It has amazed William and I how much he has learned not just in his ability to swim, since he still needs to learn how to pick his head out of the water when he swims. But mostly the pool safety skills! We couldn’t be more proud of him. He is definitely our little fish! He would swim ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT if we would let him!

  I thank God everyday for blessing us with such a wonderful son! I will try to post more regularly about ALL 4 of my boys!

Here are a few pics of my handsome little man!




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