Friday, January 16, 2009

Some things happen that you don't have words for...

Of course as you can see from the size of the tiny little bar to the side that I have plenty of words to say. I first want to APOLOGIZE for falling off the blogging bandwagon and not posting for over two months, but you should know that I was still reading ALL of your blogs. I just got so wrapped up with school ending for Christmas break and then of course Christmas and then coming back to school for three days and then leaving for one of the most AMAZING football games of my life!!! But that is neither here nor there and the football game is a whole other post in itself, but I am going off on a tangent, let me refocus and CATCH you up on ALL that has been going on.

When I last posted I had told you ALL the details about our upcoming cycle. Well my good friend Aunt Flow who has EXCELLENT timing showed up Dec. 6 right before I walked into the Georgia Dome for the SEC Championship. While she did not hinder on my GREAT Time... We had to have an ultrasound either day 2 or 3. And since they said that they would prefer to see us on day 2 we had to head straight home after the game to be able to have an ultrasound the next morning before 8 AM. So that was EXHAUSTING but exciting to know that my cycle had FINALLY started.

So with the go ahead of the ultra sound we started our shots that Sunday. As you know I am DEATHLY afraid of shots so I was anxious about taking the first shot that Sunday night. Luckily William was playing nurse so he was the one actually looking at the needle. And as many of you know I had already been trained on the shots and had felt how the shot was going to feel but that had been almost a month prior so I had pretty much forgotten how it felt. So I had built up all this anxiety and fear by the time I had to actually get the shot. So as you can imagine I was FREAKING out and it didn't help that my darling husband was holding the needle like he was going to STAB me. So as soon as I saw the needle I started crying. Well I somewhat calmed down smacked the pillow on my head and said, " OK I am ready." And he said ok well as he got closer I Freaked and Screamed "NO NO WAIT I am NOT ready". He of course proceeded to laugh as I cried and we went around in this circle for about 3-5 minutes. Luckily the shots got easier as the week progressed.

I had my first blood test to check my hormone levels that Thursday Dec. 11th. Everything looked GREAT so they asked me to come back on Friday the 12th for my first ultrasound. I was so excited so was William but we went in knowing that we may need to do this process a few more times until they saw what they wanted to see. Well when our nurse looked on the left ovary things were not looking good there really had not been any eggs forming. And she wanted to start there because I told her that was where I was having the most pain. Well she proceeded to the right ovary and saw a somewhat small formed egg which was ok. Then she came upon and I am quoting her, "The PERFECT egg" It was 19 mm. It was so perfect that she printed us a picture and told us she would speak with our doctor to see if we would trigger that afternoon. So below is a picture of our "PERFECT egg". I proceeded to take this picture to school with me to show everyone the egg which from that day forward was named "Eggie".

So I received a phone call around lunch time that I would be taking my trigger shot that day at 5 pm. And then we would have our IUI that Sunday Dec. 14. We were so excited and nervous at the same time.

When Sunday finally came around we had not slept the night before because we were so excited and nervous. We showed up in the office @ 7:45 they took William's sample and told us to go have breakfast but be back at the office by 8:30. So that's what we did, I don't know how either of us had an appetite but we did. When we got back to the office we were beyond nervous. They took us back to the room and gave us some instructions for what to do. Since my doctor was not on call that weekend we were having another dr. do the procedure. Finally it was time William sat by my head as the dr. said, "See Whitehurst, Whitehurst" as he held up the sample container and the tube thing. I proceeded to ask ummm do you guys often mix up people's stuff???? Looking back I am sure that was a stupid question but at the time I was not thinking straight. And of course he answered with a "NO NO".

So after the procedure they had me lay there for about 10 minutes and told us we could go home. William immediately told me that I was going to spend the day in bed. And that is what I did. We were told by the nurses and dr. that we could take a pregnancy test on DEC. 28th. I felt like that day was never going to arrive. Not that I was anxious to take the test because I just knew that I was going to see the same thing I always see "not pregnant".

Well the day before Christmas Eve William asked me if I wanted to try and take a test early Christmas morning. I of course was extremely hesitant because I was afraid we would get a negative result and it would ruin Christmas. But I knew that this meant a lot to William too so I decided to be more positive like him and go with the mind set that if we do get a negative result it may not mean anything. But I did tell him that he was going to come with me to buy the test, for some reason I did not want to buy it alone.

It ended up that Christmas Eve night had arrived and we still had not bought a test yet. We decided to try and see if Walgreens was still open at 8:30. Amazingly it was so we walked to the isle and grabbed the one that says the words. And headed for the cashier. As we paid for our one item and were leaving the cashier said, "Good Luck". Which of course both of us said thanks, but thought was kind of funny.

Well as you can imagine we didn't get much sleep that night anxious to know what was going to happen. I would wake up every couple hours and see what time it was 12, 2, 4... Finally it was 6 AM and I decided it was time to take the test. I layed in bed for about ten minutes saying my last few prayers that I had said all night. Asking God for a Christmas Miracle. I finally got out of bed did what I had to do and crawled back in bed snuggled up close to William and looked at the clock it was 6:12. It felt like those 3 minutes flew by because I was not ready to look at the test and I don't think he was either but we got out of bed hand in hand and checked the test together. When we got there this is what we saw....

We stood there for a few minutes thinking that it was going to some how change. And suddenly say "NOT PREGNANT". Then it just hit me and I started crying and crying. I just was so shocked I could not believe it. All I could do was cry. Finally said OH MY GOSH I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! and he said I know. Then I said we have to tell Grace & Matt. So I continued to cry as I brushed my teeth.

Then I grabbed my camera deciding that I had to capture this moment. Despite my appearance. And here is the picture. Please know that it was like 6:15 when we took this just out of bed I know we look rough. (I can't believe I am putting this on the Internet!)

When we pulled into Grace & Matt's driveway we wondered if Matt would think we were some kind of Prowler and answer the door with his gun in hand. But we knocked on the door anyway. We knocked and knocked and finally Grace answered the door. We said HEY, she was like HEY, what's up. Finally William pulled out the pregnancy test and suddenly she started screaming and crying hugged me and we cried together right there on the back porch. Finally we decided to share the news with Matt and Michael who were still in bed. Once we were done celebrating. Grace decided we needed another picture to remember this wonderful morning! Below is the picture along with a picture of Grace & me.

We spent the rest of the day walking on a cloud. We went back home and opened our presents which we both agreed felt so small compared to the HUGE gift God had just blessed us with! After we were done at our house we headed to my parents where we had breakfast and opened presents. We finally told them once we were done. They are over joyed!!! We didn't tell his parents until Sunday because we wanted everyone to be together and his brother wasn't flying in until late Saturday. We finished Christmas day with my first Belly picture. I have to say I have ALWAYS wanted to do this. I know that I was not showing at I but I wanted a started point. In this picture I am 4 weeks.

Once we got the positive blood test Dec. 28th we had to wait until Jan. 12 to have the first ultra sound. On the way to the doctors office the car was silent all you could hear was William & I taking deep breaths, we were so nervous! And very afraid of what might happen. Of course the big elephant in the car with us was that we would be looking on the ultrasound and there wouldn't be anything there, but both of us tried to be positive.

When we got to the appointment the guy behind the counter said after I gave him my name, "That I did not have an appointment." I just about started to cry because I had my heart on seeing my baby that day. Luckily the lady who had put our appointment in the computer had put in the wrong code or something but I was still going to have my ultrasound that day.

When our doctor came in he started asking if I had been sick and a few more questions then he started to do the ultrasound. At first we did not see anything. Then he said," OK you see that black spot that is your uterus (don't think I spelled that right) And if I zoom in there is your baby, and if I am very still, there is the heart beat. As I layed there I saw 3 little blinks and all the stress and tension left me for that moment. When he was done he told us that our due date was September 4, 2009. And since we saw a heart beat there was a 95% chance that everything was going to be good. So we felt good. We left happy with our FIRST picture of our sweet Eggie.

*He or she is in between the two plus signs.*

I know this has been a lot to read and I am sorry, but I didn't want to just come back and post "I'm Pregnant" without sharing the wonderful journey of getting there. We feel so blessed to have our little Eggie. There is not a morning since that I have woken up and thanked God for ALL that he has blessed me with. It is truly a miracle that only he could bring into our lives. For those of you who are still trying I still remember the pain but know that every night I say a prayer for all of you just as you did for me. And all I can say is, it is in his time things happen.

I know it is easy now that I am pregnant to be positive, but I know that each and every one of you will be blessed with a child soon. You all are in my prayers and I will be posting soon.


ladybug said...

As a lurker, I just wanted you both to know, I'm so happy for you!!! Congratulations to you Both!!!!! I"ve enjoyed following your blog and look forward to the next several months with you. I've been in your shoes (many years ago), but I too, over came, and now have 3 semi adult children. Best of wishes to you, please keep your blog updated. Take one day at a time and enjoy them!!!! Congrats again, Mommy and Daddy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Delurking to say congrats! I've been following your blog for quite a while and am so happy for you!
Jenny in Michigan

Alex and Jill said...

WOW!! The farther down I got into the post, I was thinking to myself...."please, let her be preggers!" I'm so happy for you guys!!!

Try not to be a stranger, girl...I don't want your next post to be a pic of you delivering the baby! HA!



Fulton Quads said...

I have read your blog in the past & wondered how you were. I am SO happy for you guys! I too have been down the LONG road and can now say it is all worth it. I can still remember walking into our fertility Dr's office & him telling me that he would "get" me a baby. Well 3 cycles later I now have quads! I hope you have an AWESOME pregnancy & I cannot wait to find out what "eggie" turns out to be! Love, Cathy & the quads

The Smiffy's said...

I have heard bits and pieces of the story, but it was nice to finally read the entire thing! You already know I am so happy for you guys and can't wait until it is my time. But, until then, I will live vicariously though you! :)Love you!

Trish Whitehurst said...

Stephanie & William, thank you for sharing this story. We got the we're pregnant,but not the whole journey to it. You made me cry along with you in this story. Jackson and I are so excited for you and can't wait to get the news of the sex! We love you!

Charon Benton said...

OH MY GOSH! I am SO EXCITED for you and William! Congratulations!!!

Carrie said...

I could just shoot Annie for not telling me you are pregnant! What a wonderful Christmas present. I know you and William are just beside yourselves! We will be praying for you, as I know it has not been an easy journey, but I'm sure you will make wonderful parents and God will bless you with the sweetest baby.

Cin said...

Quiet Lurker about to get DAMN LOUD! CONGRATULATIONS!!! (insert party streamers, noisemakers and a few woowoo's in here)

I am so happy for you both. Fingers crossed everything goes well.

The Patterson's said...

Oh. my. gosh!! I just now noticed that you updated your blog and CONGRATULATIONS are in order! So exciting for you guys!!!

Holly said...


Suzette said...

I stumbled on your blog thru another bloggers, I hope you don't mind! I am so happy for you and your husband! Just from reading one post, you seem very deserving, seeing how you give all thanks and glory to God! Congrats! I'll have to check back here often!