Monday, August 25, 2008

Being Chatty Soothes the Mind!!

Hello all!!! Yes I have returned back from where I disappeared to! AKA Some place in the First Grade blackhole!! I am so sorry that has taken me so long to post again. Thanks so much for all the emails to check on William & I!

Well I am proud to say that I have survived my first week of teaching the 1st grade!!! Wooo Hooo!!!! And I am happy to say that despite all the stress, I am having a wonderful time! I love my class and I love teaching in general. The best part is that I am really distracted from the baby thoughts (don't get me wrong they are always there!!). But having something else to focus on has been great!

I have been so distracted that I screwed up my pills this cycle! Has this ever happend to any of you?? You see it started with I decided that I was going to try Walgreens instead of Target mostly because of distance from my house. My thinking was same pills, same price. Boy was I WAY WRONG!!!!! I usually pay about $24-$27 for the generic brand of clomid from Target. When I went to pick up my pills from Walgreens I asked them how much and they told me $56. Well after I picked my jaw off the ground, I explained that I usually pay way less at Target. The obnoxious pharmacy tech said, "Well Target does not make it's primary profit on medication like we do." And I responded, "Well just the same I would like my prescription back!!!!" The key thing to remember is that particular day I was supposed to start taking those pills and I would not be able to get them from Target @ the time it was. So I was already a day behind. Then on Friday(the following day) I got so wrapped up in taking pictures for graduation I forgot to pick up my pills!!! Nice right, I know??!!! But I am sure this was not good but I still took ALL the pills. And with the results of my progesterone looming over my head (Tomm. AM). I can't help but think that I screwed it all up! So if we don't get pregnant it is all my fault!

Despite my guilt I am very blessed with an AMAZING husband who is ALWAYS there for me!!! Even during my emotional episodes that I have (which I am sure many of you have had) You know the I am crying but I don't know why episodes! So I thank God everyday for him! And I am still somewhat confident that we will get pregnant!

Also I have found that I have been excessively chatty about my condition! I think that this blog has helped me open up and learn to talk about it as opposed to holding it all in! So I guess because I have been talking about I feel a little better about it!

Well I would like to close with some wonderful pictures of my classroom!!!

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Alex and Jill said...

Despite the pill drama, I'm sure you will be fine. LOL You crack me up.

I'm happy to hear that blogging has helped you. You're helping others by sharing your story as well...thank you for that! :)

Love the classroom pics!


Nicole M Wood said...

I so wish I would have known you here, Clomid is 9 dollars at SAMS CLUB!!!!!!!! That is without insurance.....