Friday, July 18, 2008

William writes in

Well Stephanie wanted me to write on here also so ill see what I can do. Stephanies birthday is sunday so shes ready for her presents and her party tomm. night. This month makes one year for our baby making and its getting hard i never thought id have to deal with anything like this but were not in control of our lives. Maybe its my fault i hold her hand and kiss her but unlike gradeschool rules shes still not getting pregnant I even shot down a stork during duck season to see if my baby was in there but it wasnt. When I told our doctor both things he said i was close but we needed to try a few more things like dotors visit after doctor visit even on sunday morinings at 8:00 im supposed to be sleeping in on the weekends. Im sure we will get our baby soon enough so thank you for the support and the e-mails.

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Anonymous said...

July also marks our 1 yr anniverary of officially "trying." I am sure you relate when I say I never thoguht we would be here and considering the things we are considering to get pregnant.

Looks like you have a great dog, though we are partial to pointing dogs, we have 3 German Shorthair Pointers!