Friday, August 6, 2010

Birthday Fun!

About two weeks ago on July 20th was my 26th birthday! I don’t know about you other ladies out there that are 26 or older, but I feel like I have PEEKED and am now on the way down. I really don’t know why I feel this way, but I do. And to be honest I really don’t feel that old. Maybe it is just because many of my firsts are behind me! 25 just FLEW by! Oh well I am going to be positive and say that I am excited to be “26”!

Anyway, I don’t really remember how our “Birthday Week” Tradition got started but whatever week your birthday is, you get to be celebrated ALL WEEK! I use this excuse when I didn’t want to cook dinner one night and well if I wanted him to get me something when I didn’t want to get up! Knowing me I take FULL advantage of MY BIRTHDAY WEEK! I don’t know what it is with me, but I LOVE birthdays! Not just my birthday but any birthday, I just think they are EXTRA special and should be celebrated!

Well this year was no exception for me. William always tries his hardest to make my week special! He started my birthday by waking Willie up and having him give me my card.

DSCN0105After daddy left for work Willie and I enjoyed a yummy breakfast. Our next birthday event was to meet daddy for lunch at our favorite “fancy restaurant”. The Olive Garden. I enjoyed some yummy white pizza!


After we ran some errands we headed to Willie’s doctor’s office, he had to get a shot because the last time we were there he had a temperature so he couldn’t get it. Even though he had to get shots he was in a great mood waving and CLAPPING for the first time!

That night I had a small birthday dinner where Grace “built” me a  beautiful & yummy cake.


Then on Friday William put together a yummy birthday dinner for me and made an adorable turtle birthday cake!

IMG_3197  My sweet hubby also picked up some beautiful fresh flowers for me!















William made stuffed chicken parmesan. It was so yummy!!












We ended my birthday week with lunch at William’s parent’s house and dinner at my parents house! Over All I had a SUPER BIRTHDAY!!! Something we did learn about Willie is that he is really freaked out by the Happy Birthday song!! So we are steadily practicing it!



Dani and Dave said...

That's right... you only have 1 more month until you'll be singing it to him!! Can't believe he is almost a year! I'm still awaiting my dino birthday invitation! :)

Amber said...

How fun! I think I need to talk my family into the week-long celebration! Happy Belated Birthday!! (That turtle cake is awesome by the way.)

Charon Benton said...

happy birthday!!!!!!!